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Welcome to Long Island's premier oyster mobile raw bar. Sourcing the freshest oysters from Long Island’s community of aquafarms, The Oyster Lover is committed to helping you indulge in direct-from-the-sea delicacies beyond the restaurant setting.

Our Story

The Oyster Lover is a family affair– born from a husband’s passion for aquafarming, a wife’s dedication to service and sustainability, plus one sweet Baby Brielle who remains the motivation behind it all – and the namesake of our oysters. With a direct sea to truck model, The Oyster Lover is determined to help The Greater New York Area reap what the aquafarmers sow.

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Our Aquafarm

Nestled on the Great South Bay on Long Island, NY, our oyster farm, Deep Water Oyster Co., spans 2.74 shoreline acres and produces some of the Blue Point oysters featured on The Oyster Lover’s food truck and raw bar menus. To date, we are proud to have harvested and distributed over a million Blue Point oysters throughout Long Island and The Greater New York City region.

Ocean Sustainability

At The Oyster Lover, we believe in enhancing ocean sustainability. As key players in global ocean health, oysters not only filter 50 gallons of water a day but are also used to make reefs and barriers, provide habitat, and prevent erosion. By consistently putting more oysters in the water and expanding our family aquafarm year over year, we’re creating an ever-evolving ecosystem that will support our beloved oceans for years to come.

Health Benefits

Humans have been consuming oysters for over 160,000 years– and it’s clear why. Rich in vitamins and nutrients like vitamins B12 and D, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, oysters are low calorie delicacies that promote brain health, prevent osteoporosis, and yes, even make people better lovers. Plus, indulging is always guilt free. Twelve fresh oysters contain only 350 calories and pack the same amount of protein as 4 oz of meat. 

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